China Hot selling Excavator Parts Arm Cylinder 400305-00420, Boom Cylinder 400309-00672, Bucket Cylinder 400310-00336 for CZPT Dx300 vacuum pump ac

Product Description


 Boom Cylinder Piston 400309-00672


Weight 295Kgs
CTN Size 222*24*34cm


1 400305-05719 Arm Cylinder DX225/DX220/DX230
2 400305-00401A Arm Cylinder DX225LC-9C
3 400305-00401B Arm Cylinder DX225LC-9C
4 400305-00401G Arm Cylinder DX225LC-9C
5 400305-00401H Arm Cylinder DX225LC-9C
6 400305-00401K Arm Cylinder DX225LC-9C
7 400305-00401L Arm Cylinder DX225LC-9C
8 400305-00420 Arm Cylinder DX300
9 400305-0 0571 A Arm Cylinder DX300LC-9C
10 400305-0 0571 C Arm Cylinder DX300LC-9C
11 440-0571B Arm Cylinder DX300LC
12 400305-00397 Arm Cylinder DX300LC
13 400305-00199 Arm Cylinder DX300LC
14 400309-00341 Boom Cylinder DX225/DX220/DX230
15 400309-00645A Boom Cylinder DX225LC-9C
16 400309-00645C Boom Cylinder DX225LC-9C
17 400309-00645E Boom Cylinder DX225LC-9C
18 400309-00645G Boom Cylinder DX225LC-9C
19 400309-00645H Boom Cylinder DX225LC-9C
20 400309-00672 Boom Cylinder DX300
21 400309-571A Boom Cylinder DX300LC
22 400309-00621 Boom Cylinder DX300LC
23 400309-0571A Boom Cylinder DX300LC-9C
24 400309-0571B Boom Cylinder DX300LC-9C
25 40571-05714 Bucket Cylinder DX225/DX220/DX230/DX480/DX500/DX520
26 40571-00336 Bucket Cylinder DX300/DX520/DX530
27 400321-5716 Lift Arm Cylinder DL300
28 400321-5716A Lift Arm Cylinder(R) DL300
29 400321-5718A Lift Arm Cylinder(L) DL300
30 400321-5718 Lift Arm Cylinder(L) DL300
31 400305-00571A Arm Cylinder DX420
32 400305-00571C Arm Cylinder DX420
33 400305-00571E Arm Cylinder DX420
34 400305-0571A Arm Cylinder DX420
35 400305-0571C Arm Cylinder DX420
36 400305-0571E Arm Cylinder DX420
37 K1003434 Arm Cylinder DX420
38 K1003434A Arm Cylinder DX420
39 K1003434B Arm Cylinder DX420
40 K1003434C Arm Cylinder DX420
41 K1003434E Arm Cylinder DX420
42 400305-00424 Arm Cylinder DX420
43 400305-00424A Arm Cylinder DX420
44 400305-00424B Arm Cylinder DX420
45 K1003432 Boom Cylinder DX420
46 400309-00648A Boom Cylinder DX420
47 400309-00648C Boom Cylinder DX420
48 K1003433 Boom Cylinder DX420
49 400309-00650A Boom Cylinder DX420
50 400309-00650C Boom Cylinder DX420
51 K1003483A bucket cylinder DX420
52 K1003483B bucket cylinder DX420
53 K1003483C bucket cylinder DX420
54 40571-00340 bucket cylinder DX420
55 40571-00340B bucket cylinder DX420
56 40571-00340C bucket cylinder DX420
57 40571-00340E bucket cylinder DX420
58 400305-0571A Arm Cylinder DX490/DX530
59 400305-0571C Arm Cylinder DX490/DX530
60 400305-0571E Arm Cylinder DX490/DX530
61 400305-00571A Arm Cylinder Lovk V/V DX490/DX530
62 400305-00571C Arm Cylinder Lovk V/V DX490/DX530
63 400305-00571E Arm Cylinder Lovk V/V DX490/DX530
64 400305-00188 Arm Cylinder(6.3m) DX490/DX530
65 400305-00188B Arm Cylinder(6.3m) DX490/DX530
66 400305-00188C Arm Cylinder(6.3m) DX490/DX530
67 400305-00190 Arm Cylinder Lovk V/V DX490/DX530
68 400305-00190B Arm Cylinder Lovk V/V DX490/DX530
69 400305-00190C Arm Cylinder Lovk V/V DX490/DX530
70 400305-0 0571 Arm Cylinder DX75/DX75-9C
71 400305-0 0571 A Arm Cylinder DX75/DX75-9C
72 400305-5715A Arm Cylinder DX75
73 400309-57195A Boom Cylinder DX75
74 400309-57195B Boom Cylinder DX75
75 40571-0571A Bucket Cylinder DX75
76 40571-05714B Bucket Cylinder DX75
77 40571-05714C Bucket Cylinder DX75
78 40571-0571 Bucket Cylinder DX75-9C
79 40571-0571A Bucket Cylinder DX75-9C ACE/DX75E-9C
80 400305-0571C Arm Cylinder DX60
81 K1571199A Arm Cylinder DX60
82 K1571199B Arm Cylinder DX60
83 K1571199C Arm Cylinder DX60
84 K1571202C Arm Cylinder DX60W
85 400305-00012 Arm Cylinder DX60W
86 400305-00404 Arm Cylinder DX60W
87 400305-00404B Arm Cylinder DX60W
88 400305-05713B Arm Cylinder DX60
89 400305-0571B Arm Cylinder DX60
90 400305-0571C Arm Cylinder DX60
91 400305-00492A Arm Cylinder DX60E-9C
92 400305-00492B Arm Cylinder DX60E-9C
93 400305-00492C Arm Cylinder DX60E-9C
94 40571-00382B Bucket Cylinder DX60
95 40571-00382C Bucket Cylinder DX60/DX60-9C
96 K1571200A Bucket Cylinder DX60
97 K1571200C Bucket Cylinder DX60
98 40571-5710 Bucket Cylinder DX60
99 40571-5714A Bucket Cylinder DX60
100 40571-00399A Bucket Cylinder DX60
101 40571-00399B Bucket Cylinder DX60-9C
102 K1571203C Bucket Cylinder DX60
103 40571-0571 Bucket Cylinder DX60
104 40571-00368B Bucket Cylinder DX60
105 40571-00368C Bucket Cylinder DX60


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Product Parameters


Weight 295Kgs
CTN Size 222*24*34cm




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After-sales Service: 24 H
Warranty: 6 Months
Type: Pistons
Application: Excavator
Certification: ISO9001: 2000
Condition: New


boom cylinder

How does a boom cylinder handle variations in load capacity and weight?

A boom cylinder is designed to handle variations in load capacity and weight in heavy machinery. Here’s a detailed explanation:

When a machinery equipped with a boom cylinder is used for different tasks, the load capacity and weight requirements may vary. The boom cylinder is designed to accommodate these variations and ensure optimal performance. Here are the key factors that contribute to how a boom cylinder handles load capacity and weight variations:

  • Force Generation: The boom cylinder generates the necessary force to move the boom, arm, or attachment of the machinery. The force generated by the cylinder can be adjusted based on the load capacity and weight requirements. By controlling the hydraulic pressure and flow rate, the operator can regulate the force exerted by the cylinder, allowing it to handle both lighter and heavier loads.
  • Adjustable Stroke Length: Boom cylinders often have an adjustable stroke length, which is the distance the piston can travel within the cylinder. By adjusting the stroke length, the cylinder can adapt to different load capacities and weight distributions. For heavier loads, a longer stroke may be required to provide the necessary extension or retraction of the boom. Conversely, for lighter loads, a shorter stroke may be sufficient, optimizing the cylinder’s efficiency.
  • Pressure Compensation: Some boom cylinders are equipped with pressure compensation mechanisms. These mechanisms automatically adjust the hydraulic pressure within the cylinder to compensate for variations in load capacity and weight. For example, as the load on the boom increases, the pressure compensation mechanism increases the hydraulic pressure, ensuring consistent force and control throughout the operation.
  • Integration with Load Sensing Systems: Boom cylinders can be integrated with load sensing systems that provide real-time feedback on the load capacity and weight. Load sensing systems use sensors to measure the force exerted on the boom or attachment and transmit this information to the hydraulic control system. The hydraulic control system can then adjust the pressure and flow rate to match the load requirements, optimizing the cylinder’s performance.
  • Multi-Stage Cylinders: In some cases, machinery may be equipped with multi-stage boom cylinders. These cylinders have multiple sections or stages that can be extended or retracted independently. Each stage may have different dimensions and force capabilities. By adjusting the extension or retraction of each stage, the cylinder can adapt to varying load capacities and weight distributions, providing precise control and handling.

By incorporating these design features and mechanisms, a boom cylinder can effectively handle variations in load capacity and weight. This allows the machinery to perform a wide range of tasks with different load requirements, providing versatility and efficiency in industries such as construction, mining, material handling, and more.

boom cylinder

How does a boom cylinder contribute to load distribution and control?

A boom cylinder plays a significant role in load distribution and control. Here’s a detailed explanation:

In various applications such as construction equipment, material handling machinery, and mobile cranes, boom cylinders are responsible for supporting and controlling the load. They help distribute the load forces and provide precise control over the movement of the boom or arm. Here’s how a boom cylinder contributes to load distribution and control:

  • Load Support: Boom cylinders are designed to withstand and support the loads encountered during operation. They are typically mounted between the machine’s main body and the boom structure, providing a connection that carries the weight and forces of the load. The cylinder’s robust construction and load-bearing capacity ensure that the load is evenly distributed and properly supported.
  • Force Generation: Boom cylinders generate the required force to control the movement of the boom or arm. By extending or retracting, the cylinder exerts force on the boom, allowing it to lift, lower, swing, or articulate as needed. The cylinder’s ability to generate and regulate force ensures precise load control, contributing to safe and efficient operation.
  • Load Stabilization: Boom cylinders help stabilize the load during lifting or movement. By resisting undesired movements or vibrations, the cylinder assists in maintaining the load’s stability and preventing excessive swinging, tilting, or shifting. The controlled movement provided by the cylinder helps minimize the risk of load damage or accidents, ensuring safer and more controlled operations.
  • Balance and Alignment: Boom cylinders aid in achieving balance and alignment of the load. By controlling the extension or retraction of the boom, they allow operators to adjust the position of the load relative to the machine’s center of gravity. This balancing capability helps optimize stability, prevent tipping, and enable precise positioning of the load.
  • Controlled Speed: Boom cylinders enable precise control over the speed of load movement. By regulating the extension or retraction speed, the cylinder allows operators to adjust the lifting or lowering speed according to the requirements of the task. This controlled speed enhances load handling precision, minimizes impact forces, and improves overall safety.

The use of a boom cylinder in load distribution and control offers several benefits:

  • Enhanced Safety: Boom cylinders contribute to load stabilization, balance, and controlled movement, reducing the risk of load accidents or instability.
  • Precise Load Handling: The force generation and controlled speed provided by boom cylinders enable operators to handle loads with precision, ensuring accurate placement and minimizing the potential for damage.
  • Improved Efficiency: Boom cylinders facilitate efficient load distribution and control, enhancing productivity and reducing the time required to complete tasks.
  • Load Capacity Optimization: By supporting and distributing the load forces, boom cylinders help optimize the machine’s load capacity and performance.

Overall, a boom cylinder is a crucial component in load distribution and control. It provides load support, generates force, stabilizes the load, aids in balance and alignment, and enables controlled speed. These features contribute to safe, precise, and efficient load handling in various applications.

It’s important to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and recommendations regarding the selection, installation, and maintenance of boom cylinders to ensure their proper functioning and optimal load control.

boom cylinder

How does a boom cylinder handle variations in boom extension and retraction?

A boom cylinder is designed to handle variations in boom extension and retraction through its inherent construction and hydraulic control system. Here’s a detailed explanation:

  • Hydraulic Control: The boom cylinder is connected to a hydraulic control system that regulates the flow and pressure of hydraulic fluid entering and exiting the cylinder. By adjusting the flow rate and pressure, operators can control the speed and force of the boom’s extension and retraction. This hydraulic control allows for precise and controlled movement, accommodating variations in the desired extension or retraction of the boom.
  • Piston and Cylinder Design: The design of the piston and cylinder accounts for variations in boom extension and retraction. The piston is typically equipped with seals that create a tight seal between the piston and cylinder barrel, preventing hydraulic fluid leakage and maintaining pressure. The cylinder barrel is designed to withstand high-pressure forces and provide structural integrity, ensuring smooth and controlled movement of the piston during variations in boom extension and retraction.
  • Internal Cushions: Some boom cylinders feature internal cushions or shock absorbers. These cushions help handle variations in boom extension and retraction by dampening the impact and reducing vibrations. When the boom extends or retracts rapidly or encounters sudden changes in load, the internal cushions absorb the energy and provide a smoother transition, minimizing the stress on the cylinder and other components.
  • Pressure Relief Valve: Boom cylinders may incorporate a pressure relief valve as a safety measure. The pressure relief valve protects the cylinder and other components from excessive pressure by diverting excess fluid flow back to the hydraulic reservoir. In case of variations in boom extension or retraction that lead to an increase in pressure beyond the cylinder’s capacity, the pressure relief valve ensures the system remains within safe operating limits.
  • Load Sensing: In some advanced hydraulic systems, load-sensing mechanisms are employed to adapt the boom cylinder’s performance to variations in load and operating conditions. Load sensors monitor the force exerted on the boom, and the hydraulic control system adjusts the pressure and flow of hydraulic fluid accordingly. This load-sensing capability allows for optimized performance, improved energy efficiency, and enhanced control over variations in boom extension and retraction.

Collectively, through hydraulic control, piston and cylinder design, internal cushions, pressure relief valves, and load-sensing mechanisms, boom cylinders can effectively handle variations in boom extension and retraction. These features ensure smooth, controlled, and safe operation, regardless of the specific requirements or changes in load and operating conditions.

China Hot selling Excavator Parts Arm Cylinder 400305-00420, Boom Cylinder 400309-00672, Bucket Cylinder 400310-00336 for CZPT Dx300   vacuum pump acChina Hot selling Excavator Parts Arm Cylinder 400305-00420, Boom Cylinder 400309-00672, Bucket Cylinder 400310-00336 for CZPT Dx300   vacuum pump ac
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